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Residential studios have been closing down rapidly for many years now and technology has meant that the knowledge surrounding the art of recording has begun to be eroded. This studio bucks that trend. Large enough for any band to produce any kind of music but small enough to be financially viable for all. The equipment available has all been chosen with quality and character in mind and placed in a setting that is second to none.

Below are two tracks that were recorded at the studio.

The studio can be rented on a day to day or multi day basis. There is a toilet and shower downstairs and a Gite upstairs which can be used as self catered accommodation if  required. The main house can also be used as accommodation if preferred. What ever your requirements, the venue as a whole  allows plenty of flexibility.

Structure of Magic - Red Touch
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Canterbury Lane - Red Touch
00:00 / 00:00

The studio is purpose built around a 24ch TLA VTC all valve console.

The desk and all connections are fully balanced providing excellent audio fidelity when both recording and monitoring.

Faders are present on all monitors which equates to 48 fader channels when mixing.

The control room itself is of a good size and comfortable for a band to monitor and mix their music.

live room.jpg

Outboard equipment consists of Lexicon, Yamaha, Drawmer and DAV as well as ebony series TLA compressors and EQ.

The very usable mic collection includes a Telefunken AK47 valve microphone as well as Shure, Audix, SE and Rode mics.

Monitoring is supplied by KRK 8" speakers and 15" sub.

A good size live room enables whole bands to recorded at once as well as the traditional multi-track approach.

Completed recordings are mastered onto an Alesis Masterlink.

Quality DI boxes, headphones and other studio related products help create a quality fully functional studio.

Tama SLP studio maple kit and snare

Fender Blues junior, Orange and Ashdown amps.

A Korg 88 note Kronos, Korg R3 and Triton LE supply great sampled and synthesized sounds.

Logic or Studio One are available to use on the Mac which has 32GB of Ram. Complete suite of pro plugins, melodyne and other virtual synths provide more than enough software tools.

We work alongside Tim Palmer from mookmusik should you need to rush a project through and require additional engineers or want to carry on the process back in the UK.

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