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From a nervous player to a confident performer. A musical journey for all ages and abilities.

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- You might have a passion for music ... but no time to play or sing

- You might have a top of the range instrument ... but no band to play with

- You might be a fantastic singer songwriter ... but lack the confidence or self belief to perform your song

Music has always been able to cut through many different barriers and offers great rewards to those who play or sing.

Dreamfrance offers unique, fun music retreats, dedicated to building your confidence and music skills. Giving you an authentic real live performance experience, whilst helping you to set goals and guide you in achieving them. We will coach you in order to unlock your musical creativity.

You will have rehearsal time with other musicians to build your confidence and opportunity to play with local musicians. Finally, the week's highlight is a real gig to a real audience in a real venue.

Live the music dream! 


If performing live is not your thing but you would really like to get creative in the studio and learn a completely different skill set then our Vinyl recording retreat would be perfect for you! 

Or if you enjoy listening to live music and get your inspiration that way then our Marciac Jazz festival retreat would be ideal.


We are located in the south of France, in the village of Garein. The retreat is located in the Landes national park and is surrounded by forest. Real inspiration for your music can be found from the wildlife and nature around you.

Access to three airports and excellent road and rail links make the property easy to get to and simple if you need to bring instruments to perform or record your music.

There is plenty to do in the local area as well as visit the vast beaches on the Atlantic coast which stretch all the way from Bordeaux to the Spanish border.

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